A.A. di erogazione 2016/2017

 (A.A. 2015/2016)
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Primo Semestre
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Lezione (32 ore)

This course is intended to provide a critical assessment of the approaches aimed at study-ing the genetic bases underlying most relevant developmental neuro-biology processes and their impairments

A general background as provided by the Advanced and Quantitative Genetics course is strongly recommended

1.Genome wide association/deep sequencing studies in neuro-psychiatric disorders: state of the art and limits of the approach
2. Concept of heritability as applied to neuro-psychiatric traits: controversies over the determinist approach
3. Genes in psychiatric disorders: are genes missing or are there genes for behavioral traits? Assessments from meta-analyses
4. Pitfalls and fallacies of the twin method : conceptual approach of monozygotic-MZ vs dizygotic-DZ pair comparisons to study higher behavioral traits like intelligence, personality and cognitive behavior in general.
5. Genetic architecture of some neurodevelopmental disorders explained by network analysis (hints and examples from Intellectual disability syndromes/sporadic, epilepsy, au-tism spectrum disorders, schizophrenia etc)
6. Concepts and principles of behavioral epigenetics: the crucial role of the perinatal envi-ronment
7.Epigenetic intergenerational/transgenerational inheritance: basic concepts and princi-ples of differential F0,F1,F2,F3 generation effects
8. Environmentally induced epigenetic transgenerational inheritance of behavior-al/neurological/psychiatric disease susceptibility (exposure to environmental toxicants, nutritional abnormalities, stress conditions etc)

The course will be delivered by frontal lessons

Students will be confronted with different theoretical approaches to address main devel-opmental neuro-biology processes. A very critical evaluation and interpretation of the dif-ferent theoretical views will be sought. The basic aim is an extensive exercise in reasoning about different viewpoints contemplating the same neuro- biological realities

Students will be provided with ppt slides as well as the most relevant and specific papers

Tuesday, Thursday,Friday 10.00-13.00

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