A.A. di erogazione 2016/2017

 (A.A. 2015/2016)
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Primo Semestre
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Lezione (32 ore)

Knowledge and understanding (Knowledge and know)
After the course the student should be endowed with a comprehensive knowledge of immunopathology and neuro-immune cross-talk in health and in disease

Applying knowledge and understanding (Skills and know how)
Since the course does not encompass the solution of exercises or problems, student’ s applying knowledge will be evaluated through his/her capability to critically discuss and design experimental approaches in immunopathology and neuroimmunology

In order to attend profitably the lessons, the student should be endowed with basic notions in immunology

General Immunopathology
Immune regulatory circuits:
a)TH1,TH2,TH17 and Treg
b) peripheral tolerance and Immune checkpoints
c) danger Theory and Damage Associated Molecular Patterns (DAMPs)
The mucose immune system and its interaction with gut microbiota
Inflammation and metabolism
Immune hypersensitivity
a)IgE-mediated allergy sensitization and effector mechanisms
b)non-IgE mediated hypersensitivity, types II-IV
a)breaking of self tolerance
b)pathogenic mechanisms of autoimmune diseases
c)genetic and environmental basis of autoimmunity
d)examples of autoimmune diseases
Neuroimmunology and immune regulatory circuits
a)systemic inflammation and HPA axis
a)neuroendocrine stress response and inhibition of immune response
b)innervation of lymphoid organs
c)inflammatory reflex
neuroinflammatory disorders
a)is the central nervous system an immunologically privileged organ?
b)inflammation and immune responses within SNC during
-autoimmunity ( Multiple Sclerosis)
-neurodegeneration (Alzeimer and Parkinson diseases)

The course consists of lectures (4 CFU).

The exam consists of two sections: in the multiple choice test the teacher broadly verifies the factual knowledge of the subject, in the oral examination the teacher evaluates the understanding of the subject and the critical discussion skills of the student

immunopathology section:

Kenneth Murphy, Casey Weaver Janeway’s immunobiology Garland Sciences
Peter Parham The immune system Garland Sciences

Neuroimmunology section:

reviews or original papers on the subject and lecture’s files provided by the teacher on the e-learning platform

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