A.A. di erogazione 2014/2015

 (A.A. 2014/2015)


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A scelta dello studente
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Primo Semestre
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Lezione (20 ore)

Mod 1. Public Economics
The course aims at discussing the major environmental public policy issues from an economic perspective.

The course will provide an overview of market failures related to the environment and the principal ways by which the public sector attempts to deal with them, with a focus on the environmental taxation.

Mod 2. Environmental Law
The course aims at discussing the major environmental public policy issues from a legal perspective.
In the course, the principles of the Environmental Law will be presented with
a focus on the relevant legal sources in the international and national context and the
legal aspects related to sustainable development and biodiversity.

Mod 1. Public Economics
Mod 2. Environmental Law

Mod 1. Public Economics
Environmental Economics: A survey
Public Economics and Environment: market failures and policy instruments
Taxation, Innovation and the Environment
Externalities and Environment: Problems and Solutions
Pollution control and regulation: Kyoto, EU-ETS and national implementation
Environmental Taxes: theory and practice
Redistributive effects of environmental policies

Mode of Delivery:Lectures

Mod 2. Environmental Law
Environmental Law: An introduction
Environmental Law, International law and European Law
Environmental Law and Constitutional Law.
The Italian perspective of Environmental Law after the constitutional revision of 2001
The principle of sustainable development: A survey
The Biodiversity law

Mode of Delivery: Lectures.

Mod 1. Public Economics
- Gruber J. (2010), Public Finance and Public Policy. Palgrave Macmillan
- Fullerton D., Leicester A., and S. Smith (2010), Environmental Taxes in Mirrless J. (et al.) Dimensions of Tax Design: the Mirrlees Review. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
- OECD (2010), Taxation, Innovation and the Environment. Paris: OECD.

Written exam.

Mod 2. Environmental Law
See documents on e-learning platform.

Assessment: Written exam.