A.A. di erogazione 2013/2014

 (A.A. 2012/2013)


L'insegnamento è condiviso, tecnicamente "mutuato" con altri corsi di laurea, consultare il dettaglio nella sezione Mutuazioni
Anno di corso: 
Tipologia di insegnamento: 
A scelta dello studente
Settore disciplinare: 
Secondo Semestre
Ore di attivita' frontale: 
Dettaglio ore: 
Lezione (40 ore), Esercitazione (8 ore)

To teach students and at the same time to make students directly experience how to build up and evaluate a business plan

See course content to see the assumed knowledge base

This course offers participants the opportunity to learn to develop and evaluate business plans . The course is built on the knowledge already acquired by a student of the Master in Management and it simulates an entrepreneurial experience. Students are required to develop business plans for two different start – ups: one for a manufacturing company and the other in a services company.
100% of the grade is based on the business plans prepared during the course;
Students will grade their colleagues’ business plans; based on these grades, instructor will vary his grade from -1 to +1.
Each team should prepare a 15 minute PPT final presentation that will be followed by a 5 minute discussion
Deadline for BP, executive summary and PPT presentation (3 different files) will be defined at the beginning of the course

This course does not require any compulsory readings; nevertheless the readings suggested in the marketing, strategy, finance, and organization courses may be useful.
A guide to the business plan will be provided as well as a list of suggested readings.
Suggested Reading Material
How to write a business plan – McKinsey Company
Business Plan Handbook, Thompson Gale