A.A. di erogazione 2020/2021
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 (A.A. 2020/2021)
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Secondo Semestre
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Lezione (40 ore)

The course aims at providing the basics for understanding and elaborating international marketing strategies to apply in B2C, B2B or B2B2C markets. During the course students will be requested to develop international marketing strategies in order to reach the marketing goals defined by a company or an institution or a network of firms located in a local area invited to partecipate at the LAB. Attending students will work in teams and will be called upon to fomulate market analys, international maket segmentation and to develop marketing strategies for entering or fostering the firms' presence in target foreign markets in terms of: market segmentation, international targeting and foreign customer profiling, products/services strategies (standardization versus local customization), international price strategies, distribution options and communication strategies (global versus local options). The implication of the brand management or the creation of a brand strategy to support international marketing strategies will also be part of the tasks assigned to teams.The lab offers students the chance to share with the companies/insitutions involved in the Lab a concrete experience in managing the marketing function in the international marketplace and elaborate real marketing analys and strategies to support the firm's growth in selected foreign markets. Students will be requested to discuss both the drafts and the final results and to explain the marketing choices adopted. Stages and thesis opportunities may arise from the Lab

The course doesn't require previuous knowledge but the attendance of the courses of "International Business" and "Marketing" will provide students with a solid theoretical background to afford the practical experience of the Lab

The course is structured in the form of laboratory and offers the opportunity to develop within a tema a concrete marketing proposal to support and strenght the internationalization process of the invited company/start-up. Students will be coordinated by company managers with whom will discuss in the classroom the project goals, the project's drafts and share ideas for its development.
At the end of the course students have to prove they can manage all the tools presented and discussed with managers during the course, i.e. analyzing both firm’s competitors and drivers of customers’ demand, identifying business opportunities in selected foreign markets, proposing entry stragies and/or commercial strategies, presenting their internationalization proposal in order to meet firm’s goals.

Lectures on Teams with the participation of managers of the selected company. The Lab aims to stimulate a continue interaction among both students involved in teams and students with managers. In this perspective, the attendance of the course is strongly recommanded

The student must take a 20 minutes oral presentation regarding the results of the project prepared during the Lab within each team. At the end presentation 10 minutes will be dedicated to the discussion of the main results and limits of the preseted project with the company involved in the Lab. For the final mark, will be taken into consideration: the outcome of the project considering the firm's goals, the effectiveness of the oral presentation, the ability of students to discuss both main results and limits of their project outcomes

Bibliographic references and useful materials for preparing the assigned projects will be provided during the classroom

Students are requested to contact for email appointment

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