A.A. di erogazione 2020/2021
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Laurea Magistrale in BIOMEDICAL SCIENCES
 (A.A. 2019/2020)
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The curricular traineeship is a full immersion experience in a biomedical working environment, including, but not limited to, research laboratories, inside or outside the University, public or private clinical institutions or agencies engaged in the conduction of clinical trials. The aims to help the student develop a scientifically sound, operationally independent and intellectually critical approach to the solution of problems pertaining to the biomedical field.

To start the curricular traineeship, that is often a full-time activity, students are advised to pass at least 70% of the exams in their respective study plans

The actual content of the traineeship will depend on the laboratory, institution or agency elected by the student to perform this activity. The duration may vary between 9 and 12 months for students enrolled in the Basic and Applied Biomedical Sciences, whereas for Double Degree students the duration is 5 months.

Daily interaction with the direct supervisor and with coworkers, as well as frequent communication with the Academic supervisor will help the student hone his/her practical skills as well as his/her ability to intellectually address the biomedical issue at hand. The dissertation will be presented and discussed, in English, in front of a Committee, according to the Teaching Regulations of the University of Insubria. Fifteen to twenty minutes will be allowed for the presentation, followed by 5-10 minutes of questions and discussion.

The learning outcomes of this activity will be verified in the Final Exam, based on the preparation of a dissertation on the biomedical topic addressed during the traineeship


Information regarding in-house and external traineeship opportunities and registration can be found at the following link

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A.A. 2020/2021

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Curriculum: Basic and applied biomedical sciences