A.A. di erogazione 2019/2020
Insegnamento opzionale

Laurea Magistrale in BIOMEDICAL SCIENCES
 (A.A. 2019/2020)


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Secondo Semestre
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Lezione (40 ore), Esercitazione (8 ore)

The aim of the course is to introduce to the biological and molecular aspects of neoplastic transformation and to explore how these mechanisms are altered in different types of cancer. Emphasis will be given to the events that drive cancer initiation, cancer progression and metastatic dissemination. The role of the micro-environment will also be deeply investigated, now considered to be a key player in supporting all phases of the development of cancer.
This course will also provide the students with the opportunity to develop as adult learners and as effective contributors in a professional environment by:
1. Being responsible for their own learning and for the depth of their own study.
2. Using their own initiative to make use of all the available resources to complement lecture material, including academic staff resources.
3. Working in a team environment and contributing effectively to their own learning and to that of their peers by questioning each other and academic staff when uncertain.
4. Developing communication skills by effective interaction with peers and academic staff.

In order to follow the course, an adequate knowledge of cell and molecular biology, biochemistry and physiology is required.

1) The tumour burden.
2) Genetic alterations in cancer cells.
3) The Nature of Cancer.
4) Tumour viruses.
5) Cellular oncogenes and tumour suppressors.
6) Growth factors and their receptors.
7) Control of the Cell Cycle Clock.
8) Cell Immortalization and Tumorigenesis.
9) Cancer Stem cells, a hierarchy-based model for tumour generation and progression.
10) Maintenance of genomic integrity and the development of cancer.
11) Angiogenesis and cancer.
12) The role of the micro-environment in cancer development.
13) Multistep tumorigenesis.
14) Invasion and Metastasis.

The course topics will be dealt with lectures-style instruction.

Oral exams. For the exam, the student will prepare a presentation on one of the 14 topics discussed during the course. The presentation will be prepared on the basis of the review and research articles that will be provided to the students during the course. The presentation must not be longer than 40 min. 15 min of discussion will follow.
The students need to demonstrate sufficient knowledge of the specific topic presented and, during the discussion, will also be evaluated for their knowledge on all the topics covered during the course, and get a score of at least 18/30

The textbook is:
Authors: Robert Weinberg
Title: The biology of Cancer
Additional material on the topics (review and research papers) will be provided during the course and necessary for the final exam

The teacher receives the students after each lesson

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A.A. 2020/2021

Anno di corso: 1
Curriculum: Basic and applied biomedical sciences