A.A. di erogazione 2019/2020
Insegnamento opzionale

Laurea triennale in ECONOMIA E MANAGEMENT
 (A.A. 2017/2018)
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A scelta dello studente
Secondo Semestre
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Lezione (40 ore)

The course aims at enabling students to analyse, according to the methods of microeconomics, the typical resource allocation problems involving health and healthcare. The course combines theory and institutional analysis with updated empirical evidence from the literature.
At the end of the course students are expected to have developed a good understanding of the peculiar economic characteristics of health and health care, the fundamental trade-offs related to resource allocation in health and healthcare, and the way this trade-off is addressed by different Health Systems.

Students require basic knoledge in microeconomics (e.g., demand-supply, elasticity, production functions).

- The economic characteristics of health and health care markets
- Market failures in health care markets
- The production function of health & health care
- The Economics of physician agency and supplier induced demand
- Health care insurance markets
- Limits of health care insurance markets the role of the State

The course will combine lectures and open discussion based on selected articles from the literature, indicated in the reading list. Moreover, some case studies will be presented in class.

Two options:
1) Students “frequentanti” (attending the classes):
Written examination + student presentation
2) Students “non frequentanti” (not attending the classes):
Written examination

Folland et al. (2007), “The economics of health and health care”, Prentice Hall.
Further selected readings will be distributed during the course.

Professor Robone meets students in her office at the Department of Economics, Via Monte Generoso 71, Varese. Office hours will be posted on the web page of the Department of Economics. If you need to contact Professor Robone, you can write her an email at the following address: