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Anno Accademico 2018/2019

LM-77 - Classe delle lauree magistrali in Scienze economico-aziendali
Sede del corso: Varese - Università degli Studi dell'Insubria, Varese - Monte Generoso
Coordinatore - Presidente
Crediti: 120
Durata: 2 Anni

The master program in Global Entrepreneurship, Economics and Management (GEEM) aims at providing future managers, entrepreneurs and applied economics analysts with strong skills in management, innovation, internationalization and economics.
Globalization and innovation are the dominant traits of the current market scenario. The program provides a unique set of managerial and economics competences and skills that can be applied in SMEs, large and multinational companies of different industries, startups and international and national economics organizations.
During the two-year program students will have frequent in-depth interactions with companies and other organizations, through workshops, laboratories and stages.
The course offers opportunity of double degrees and student exchange programs. In particular, the GEEM is characterized by:

  • A double degree program with the University of Jena, Germany
  • A double degree program with the University of Hohenheim, Germany
  • A student exchange with the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT), India

The program in English is articulated in two curricula:

  • Economics of innovation , focused on applied economics.
  • International Business and Entrepreneurship, tailored to management and entrepreneurship
Curriculum: Economics of innovation (EI)

The curriculum in Economics of Innovation provides a qualified learning track in applied research topics on Innovation Economics and International Economics.
The program provides advanced knowledge in:

  • Industrial economics
  • Innovation processes and interaction between firms
  • Markets and institutions in a context of increasing international competition

Students in Economics of Innovation are trained to become applied analysts in dynamic innovative business sectors and in local and international institutions and organizations. The skills acquired during the program will enable graduates to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing economic environment from a macroeconomic perspective (economic growth and international integration) with a high level knowledge of microeconomic mechanisms (new technologies, new markets, new customers and suppliers, international business and de-localization).

Strengths of the GEEM Master’s Degree program:

  • Double degree programs with important European universities
  • Student exchange with institutions of the Far East countries, which represent the new emerging economies
  • Whole program held in English
  • Courses topics are structured in order to help students to act and work in an international environment
Curriculum: International Business and Entrepreneurship (IBE)

The curriculum in International Business and Entrepreneurship aims at providing students with the managerial tools required by companies operating on the international markets. Globalization, Entrepreneurship and Innovation are key competitive factors for all companies – both SMEs and large and multinational companies – and markets – both mature and innovative. The course provides a unique set of managerial and economics competences and skills that can open to multiple career opportunities (as a manager, consultant as well as entrepreneur).
The program provides advanced knowledge in:

  • International business
  • Entrepreneurship and startup management
  • Business modeling and business planning
  • Corporate and venture finance
  • Human resources and information systems
  • International trade and contract law

Starting from academic year 2013-14 the whole program will be held in English, also with the contribution of Visiting professor coming from foreign universities (such as SF State University, California, IIFT, India).

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Requisiti di accesso

Enrolment to the Master Degree Course GEEM is without a selecting entry test.

Students can apply to the Students Registrar, according to the rules and administrative dead-lines.

Students can enroll without any additional course if they have an Italian BA belonging to the sections listed in the Manifesto degli Studi and if they got a minimum final BA mark 85/110. A committee will evaluate the requisites before formal enrolment. Italian students with a foreign BA have to be evaluated before enrolment.

EU and extra EU students with a foreign BA or MSc can apply according to the rules and administrative dead-lines of the Students Registrar. A committee will evaluate their requisites. Extra EU students need to positive answer from the committee before applying for a VISA for study reasons. Foreign students can be accepted according to the maximum number established by the Dept. of Economics.

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Coordinatore - Presidente
Crediti: 120
Durata: 2 Anni



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