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Andrea Giuliani is and was involved, in prominent positions, in experiments in Astroparticle Physics at Gran Sasso Underground Laboratories, in Orsay, in Como and in Milano cryogenics laboratories. He has given crucial contributions to the development of a new class of particle detectors (bolometers) mainly for applications in neutrino physics and searches for rare events. He contributed to bring bolometric devices to a very high precision, realizing X-ray and alpha-particle detectors with energy resolutions much higher than those achievable by conventional instruments. He contributed to the development of the most massive bolometric gamma-ray detectors ever realized. He proposed and realized composite low temperature calorimeters with sensitivity to surface events. He developed scintillating bolometers with an excellent alpha/beta discrimination capability, crucial feature for background suppression in rare event search.

He was a founding member of one of the most sensitive experiments in the world (Cuoricino) on double beta decay (giving a limit on Majorana neutrino mass of the order of 0.5 eV). He is now involved in its continuation, the experiment CUORE, one of the most promising new generation searches . In the development phase of the experiment, he was coordinator of the Working Groups concerning (i) the basic detecting element and (ii) CUORE-0, the first section of the experiment, now built and close to data taking. He has been the Principal Investigator in the MIBETA experiment, funded by INFN and aiming at the determination of the electron antineutrino mass through the spectroscopy of 187Re beta decay. He has promoted a large expansion of MIBETA (MARE project) aiming at a 0.2 eV sensitivity to neutrino mass.  He has proposed as co-investigator the LUCIFER experiment, a 5 year project funded by the European Commission (started in 2010) through ERC Advanced Grant, aiming at realizing a pilot detector for neutrinoless double beta decay with scintillating bolometers of ZnSe. He is now PI of the LUMINEU experiment, a project funded in France for rare decay searches with luminescent bolometers.

At the University of Insubria, he has founded and is coordinating a cryogenic laboratory for the development of bolometers for neutrino physics, involved in the CUORE, MARE and LUCIFER experiments. He has also promoted the realization and the instrumentation of a semi-deep underground laboratory (Baradello hill, Como, Italy) where high precision measurements of trace radioactivity are performed for fundamental research and environmental monitoring.

From February 2011, in his new role of Research Director at CNRS/CSNSM Orsay, France, he has promoted a research line on double beta decay search in this laboratory, establishing a link between his specific expertise on neutrino physics and the first class know-how on bolometric detectors present in the Cryodetector Group at CSNSM.

He is author of about 170 publications in refereed international journals and has given numerous invited talks about low temperature detectors of radiation, double beta decay and neutrino mass at international conferences.

He has played and plays coordination roles in astroparticle physics at the international/national level. He has coordinated (2004-2008) a Joint Research Activity in ILIAS (an integrating activity in FP7) dedicated to neutrinoless double beta decay, which has produced relevant results in isotope enrichment and purification and in the development of innovative methods for background study and abatement. As member of the Science Advisory Committee of ApPEC and working group convener of the neutrino-mass/dark-matter section, he has contributed to the development of the European Roadmap for Astroparticle Physics. He was “animateur” of the neutrino group in “prospective IN2P3-IRFU 2011/2012 and he is working group convener in “Groupement de Recherche Neutrino”.

Positions held and education

2011-                     Research Director at CSNSM/CNRS, Campus d'Orsay (France)

1999-                     Associate Professor at the Insubria University, Como, Italy (since 2011 at "tempo definito")

1997-1999           Senior Researcher at INFN, Milano section, Italy

1991-1997           Researcher at the University of Milano, Italy

1989-1990           Post Doc, INFN (Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare), Milano section, Italy

1986-1989           Ph.D. Student in Physics, University of Milano, Italy

1985                    Laurea in Physics, University of Milano, Italy