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Alessandro Salvatoni - Curriculum Vitae 

Married to Cristina, two sons (1990,1992) and one daughter (1995).


Pediatrics Clinics University of Insubria, Via Filippo del Ponte, 19, 21100 VARESE 

(Italy) phone +39/0332/299248 fax +39/0332/235904



1964 Liceo Classico G. Berchet - Milan 

1976 Degree in Medicine with honors - University of Pavia 

Specialization in Pediatrics in 1979 with honors, University of Pavia 

Specialization in Endocrinology in 1982 with honors, University of Pavia 

1989 Eligibility for head physician of Pediatrics 

2005 Certificate of head physician manager


1981 Researcher, University of Pavia 

1984-1985 Honorary Registrar, Guys Hospital, London 

1997 Researcher, Università degli Studi dell'Insubria-Varese 

2002 Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Università degli Studi dell'Insubria-Varese 

Research activities 

Growth factors GH dependent (Scholarship: CNRS-INSERM) 

Genetics of GH deficiency 

Obesity, basic research and clinical (Scholarship Wellcome Trust - CNR Contract 


Assessment of body composition 

Obesity in particular genetic syndrome Prader-Willi 

Diabetes mellitus type 1, research, clinical studies and follow-up 

Hyperinsulinism (PRIN 2006-2008) (PRIN 2010-2012)

Teaching activity

Teaching of Pediatrics:

Medicine and Surgery school - Università degli Studi di Pavia 

Medicine and Surgery school - Università degli Studi dell'Insubria- Varese 

Master level 2 in the Promotion, protection and management of health and 

nutrition in children "University of Parma - Faculty of Medicine. 

Master of 2nd degree in "Management of diabetes and related metabolic disorders 

in childhood” of the University of Parma and Verona. 

Master of 2nd degree in "Pediatric Endocrinolgy' of the University of Parma and 


Clinical experiences 

1977-80 and 1982-84 Pediatric Clinic of Pavia, Post-doc Pediatric Medical School. 1981 Pediatric Endocrinology -Hopital Saint Vincent de Paul, Paris. 

1984-1986 Metabolic Unit Guy's Hospital London. 

1986 Pediatric Endocrinology, Diabetes, Metabolism and Emergency Unit, Varese



Pub-med: 53; Full paper: 87; International congress presentation: 186. H-


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