-- EVENTO RIMANDATO -- Three-day “innovation camp” for Insubria PhD students A deep dive into innovation and execution

Three-day “innovation camp” for Insubria PhD students A deep dive into innovation and execution

Day 1 – Foundational tools: theory and practice Internal notes: A full day (mainly front lectures)

Venue: Varese, aula 5 Monte Generoso

Date: 23/03, full day

  • Appropriability Strategies and IP protection - Academic Patenting and University-Industry collaborations
  • Patent metrics and data analysis
  • From the business idea to the execution
  • The capital raising process
  • The Lean Startup Approach
  • Pitch/Elevator pitch


From day 1 to day 2 (four weeks)

In the meanwhile, to address the challenge presented at the end of Day 1, PhD Students should organize themselves into mixed teams trying to balance their educational background and competences (TBD according to number of participants).

Activities to be performed:

Each group should focus on an “innovative idea” (autonomously identified), which includes technological aspects to be properly processed.

Groupwork brainstorming - to understand the feasibility of the “innovative idea” - should include:

  • Value proposition canvas + Business model canvas
  • Innovation strategy
  • Market analysis (including technology data analysis to identify potential competitors)
  • (draft) Pitch structure

To be discussed and presented to mentors on day 2 (interim presentation).


Day 2 – Innovation and execution: half day hands-on

Venue: Como, aula s.0.2 S. Abbondio

Date: 20/04, half day

  • Value Proposition
  • Business Model
  • Pitch structure & refinement session
  • Pitching practice: How to effectively communicate a business idea in front of an audience


Day 3 – Pitching session Half day

Venue: Busto Arsizio, Molini Marzoli

Date: 4/05, half day

  • Pitch (groupwork presentations) and Q&A session 




Lunedì 23 Marzo 2020 -
Dal 08.00 al 17.30


Via Monte Generoso 71, Varese
Didattica e formazione